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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

ReMebERing Val Power

So many of the wonderful friends we've made through the Doll World have sadly passed away.  We never forget them and one of the wonderful doll makers I remember with fondness is a Western Australian doll maker - Val Power.  Every time I walk past her wonderful interpretation of Sally Lampi's 'Tilly the Tattered Angel' hanging in the shop I remember the amazing dolls she made - and the long phone conversations over many years. 
Val firstly got in touch in 1995 after the first 'Things I Like' ad in 'Dolls, Bears and Collectibles'.  I couldn't hazard a guess at the amount of patterns Val purchased over the years - she had a wonderful collection and was an avid doll maker with a style of her own.  She had no trouble selling her dolls and the way she interpreted that patterns made each one an individual.
If there was a book on doll making Val had a copy - if you wanted to know a doll making technique Val could tell you. 

We communicated regularly for many years and did eventually meet up through the Western Dollmakers club in Perth.  Val's health gradually deteriorated and she went into a home where she finally went to her own little doll world in the sky.  Val's dolls will live on and be cherished for ever!

Have many, many pictures of Val's dolls - will share some here for your inspiration!!!
These dolls won Viewer's Choice in a 1999 doll show in Mandurah - Reggae Artist and Wife.

26" Lucinda - 1996

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Probably can't see the detail but gives you and idea of Val's versatility as a dollmaker.

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